20 Things That Make You Happy

Being happy is good – being your happiest, though, is better. You owe it to yourself to live your life happily. If you want to be your best, it’s a good idea to have a plan of action.

Are you feeling a bit down? Telling yourself “I want to be happy again” or “I want to make you happy“?

1. Take inventory

Stop for a few minutes and take inventory of the great things that you have done in life. Even if you’ve never climbed Mount Everest, you’ve probably accomplished something. It is often hard to force yourself to acknowledge the right things, but it does help.

Take some time to take inventory of everything that you’ve done in life and allow yourself to feel a measure of pride. You don’t just deserve it – it’s something you have to do, to be honest with yourself. Taking inventory is a significant first step towards learning how to be happier in your life.

2. Remember the bad timesbusinessman staying dry under umbrella during downpour back view stock photo Stock Photo Businessman staying dry under umbrella during downpour

One little-known way to help yourself become happier is to stop and remember the bad times. As odd as it sounds, you need to acknowledge that you have come through significant challenges. While these bad times might colour your perception, you can’t ignore them.

It is a good idea to acknowledge that you had the strength to make it through them. Bad times are as much a part of your life as good. Accept the bad days and the strength you gained by persevering – you’ll feel like a champion.

3. Talk to an old friend

We all have friends with whom we have lost touch. Some of these friends are gone because of bad blood. Others though just fell through the cracks. If you want a moment of real happiness, get in contact with one of those friends. Say hello, ask how they’re doing, and reconnect. The conversation doesn’t have to be long or profound. Just make the connection and move on if necessary. These little moments can build up over time and help you connect with the people who make you happiest, and you’ll be happy naturally.

5. Play around with an old hobby

Some hobbies don’t stand the test of time. If you want a quick ray of sunshine, though, pick up that old hobby and play around. If you played an instrument, for example, take the time to learn one new song. Put together a quick project if you love to build.

You don’t have to define yourself by the hobby any longer, but you can enjoy what it brings you. It is often a good idea to reconnect with the things that bring you joy. Allow yourself the nostalgia of an old hobby when you can.

6. Go outside

The great outdoors has numerous benefits. Fresh air can work wonders, as can a bit of warm sunlight. Even if you aren’t an outdoorsy person, though, stepping outside your home can be beneficial. When you go outside, you’ll see something new – even if it’s just the clouds moving across the sky.

Learning to appreciate these minor changes will allow you to enjoy the world. Every step out your door is a fresh start towards something new. A quick walk around the neighbourhood can change the way you see the world. Not up to walking? Don’t worry – you can gain quite a bit from sitting on your front porch.

7. Wake up early

It’s amazing how one can limit one’s view by sticking to a schedule. One great way to get happier is to look at the world in a way that you usually miss. Wake up an hour or two earlier to see the world in a new light.
This will also give you the time to relax as you get your day started. There’s something lovely about sipping a cup of coffee and reading instead of hurrying out the front door. It can be tough to wake up early, but it can often make you happier.

8. Stay up late

Do you remember how fun it was to stay up late when you were a kid? You can still get that jolt of joy by staying up a little later at night. Give yourself a few hours at the end of your day that is just for you.

Watch those TV shows you’ve fallen behind on, read a book, read some quotes or look at the stars. Staying up late might make you tired if you do it all the time, but it’s often an excellent way to reconnect with yourself. It’s a small move that can make you much happier.

9. Create an awesome playlist

Music can soothe the soul. You have certain songs that mean a lot to you, so why not put them all together? Go through your music catalogue and make a playlist of the music you love.

Next time you are sad, play these songs. They don’t have to be upbeat, but they do have to be songs you love. Giving yourself access to things that soothe you can make you much happier.

The best part about putting together a playlist is that it is a work in progress. As time goes by, you can add more songs that mean something to you. If you’re stuck, start with this!

10. Call sick into work

This isn’t something you should often do. In fact, calling into work can make your life worse if done too much. If you want to be a little happier, though, don’t be afraid to take an occasional personal day.

A day off in the middle of the week can help you recharge your batteries. Spend the day doing things you love, not things you need to do. When you go back to work, you’ll be happier.

Taking time off will not only make you more productive but help you reconnect with yourself. Everyone deserves to take a day for himself or herself once in a while.

If that’s not for you, here are some secrets to being happy at work.

11. Draw somethingLady painting

Remember how fun it was to draw when you were a kid? You didn’t draw because you were good – you drew because it made you happy. Even as an adult, making a few simple doodles can make an impact on your day. Simply said, being creative makes us happy.

If you want a boost, draw something – you don’t have to stick it on the fridge, but it might help. If you aren’t comfortable drawing, you might enjoy colouring. A little bit of artistic expression can go a very long way. You’ll be surprised by how the act of creation can improve y
our mood.

12. Cook a meal

Food can have a real impact on your mood. Take some time to learn a recipe and put together a meal that looks good to you. Don’t worry about following trends or doing something overly challenging – have fun.

Cooking can not only be relaxing, but it can also be a great mood booster. You’ll be able to create something you can use immediately. You may also be able to share the joy with others.

Don’t worry if your recipe isn’t perfect – it’s the process that counts. Cooking is its reward. In time, your skills will grow along with your mood.

13. Sing out loud

When was the last time you sang out loud? According to Time Magazine, singing out loud changes the way your brain works. Singing can help you to ward off depression and look at the world happily.

Put that playlist you made earlier to use and sing your heart out. If you’re up to it, participate in karaoke, preferably away from those who know you. If you don’t have to feel self-conscious, you can enjoy yourself a bit more. A song in your heart really can make you feel a great deal happier.

14. Buy yourself a presentA gift wrapped up

A little retail therapy can go a long way. There are things you want that might make you a bit happier, and it’s sometimes a good idea to indulge yourself. Don’t empty your savings to buy trinkets, but let yourself enjoy your money on occasion.

If you can set up a system where you reward yourself with what you want, you can do away with some of the pain of self-denial. Always make sure to do this in a manner that works with your budget, though. There’s nothing worse than paying for short-term happiness with long-term debt.

15. Read a good book

Books can take you to another world. We all know how essential reading is. Dig out an old favourite or find something helpful and allow yourself the luxury of escaping for a few hours. If you’re feeling adventurous, try taking on a new reading challenge like reading one of the 50 best self improvement books of all time.

Reading is a great way to expand your mind and lose yourself, but it’s also an excellent way to expand your horizons. Reading may not change how your life is going, but it can show you new paths. If you are willing to spend a few hours with a good book, you can increase your store of happiness.

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16. Plan a party

Want to pick your mood up quickly? Plan a party. When you plan a party, you’re preparing your mind for a good time.

As the planner, you know everything at the party will be to your tastes. Put together the perfect night and invite over some friends. Socialisation is good for your mood, as is the chance to control your surroundings.

While parties aren’t for everyone, even the act of planning can help. When you realise you are capable of having a perfect time, things change. Make yourself happy with a quick get-together.

17. Wear that outfit

Male or female, you have one outfit that makes you look great. You know what the outfit is. The pants the fit just right, or the shirt that’s just awesome. You might not wear it often, but wear it today. It will give you a boost of self-confidence that is hard to beat.

This outfit might not mean much on its own, but it helps. Wear something that makes you feel great when you are feeling sad. Sometimes, looking good on the outside can make you feel great on the inside. Never underestimate the power of wearing the right clothes.

18. Start a project

People aren’t designed to sit around and do nothing. Even if you’re happy, you can improve your mood by starting something new. Look around your home and think of a project that needs to be done. You might build shelves, organise your DVDs, or even paint a wall.

Starting a project helps give you hope for the future. Finishing the project enables you to feel a sense of accomplishment. A good project can help you organise your mind as well as your home. Don’t feel pressured to do something significant – even a small project can help. Working can help you improve the way you feel.

19. Challenge your brainBrain being challenged cartoon

Your brain needs input for you to feel satisfied. One of the best ways to feel happy is to give yourself a mental challenge. Pick up a crossword or Sudoku puzzle to give your mind a real challenge. Move on to an intricate puzzle or even a set of math problems if you like.

The more you challenge yourself, the more you will surprise yourself. Keeping your brain active isn’t just a great way to become happy, but an excellent way to stay mentally sharp. Keeping your mind busy will help you stay happier as you get older.

20. Start learning a language

It is easier than ever to learn a new language. There are dozens of apps and websites that make learning a breeze. As a mental challenge, learning a new language is a way to accomplish something with your mind. It is also a valuable skill you can use to expand your horizons.

As you learn, you will open up new opportunities. You might be able to travel to a new country or speak to new people. Don’t pick a language at random – choose one that may have meaning to you. With time, you’ll discover a new way to express yourself to others.

21. Plan a trip

Have you always wanted to travel? If so, it might be a good idea to plan a trip. Even if you are unable to leave today, the planning process can be amazing.

Go through the whole process. Figure out where to stay and what you’d do. Once you’re done, you’ll have something to work towards – a goal that can make you happier.

22. Write a story

Writing a story can help you work things out mentally. You don’t have to be a professional writer to put pen to paper. Take some time to come up with a story and put it down somewhere that only you can see.

There are also many great online writing sites that can help you share your stories with others. You can learn a great deal about yourself from the criticism left on your accounts. While the opinions of others can be scary, they can also help to lift you up.


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