There are different things in the world around you that you are likely to be interested in learning and this notwithstanding, there are a lot of really interesting Amazon Rainforest facts that you can learn which will help you to understand just how wild and crazy the rest of the world actually is. By learning and understanding these things, it is possible that you will be able to get to know even more about your world than you ever did before. As large as it is, the Amazon Rainforest still holds many mysteries which have yet to be unlocked.

Among the different Amazon Rainforest facts that you can learn, you are likely to want to learn things about the plants, the animals and the natives of the rainforest. It is possible to learn about all of these things and more. Not only are there many different kinds of nature shows that you can watch on television. You can also read all about the information in books. The same information and more can also be found on the internet for you to be able to find. The more you know about the rainforest, the more that you are likely to want to know about it.

Amazon Rainforest Facts – Get to Know the Plants

There are more species of plants in the Amazon Rainforest than in any other rainforest in the world. In fact, the 2.5 million square miles of rainforest comprises 54% of the rainforests throughout the world. As much as 90% of the plants which exist in the rainforest have yet to even be studied as to what kind of properties they hold which can be used to help out society. So far, the vast majority, 70%, of the cancer fighting plants have been found in this rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Facts – Get to Know the Animals

Among the many different kinds of animals which live in the Amazon Rainforest, they are best known for the different kinds of birds that they have. The most revered of these birds is the toucan. These birds and the other animals are a part of the Amazon Rainforest facts because they make up a large part of the ecosystem which allows each of the plants and the natives to live in perfect harmony with one another. In fact, it is believed that the rainforest contains around 5 million different species of plants, animals and insects.

Amazon Rainforest Facts – Get to Know the Natives

While the natives living in the rainforest are dropping, there are still many different tribes which are believed to live deep in the jungle which do not have any kind of contact with the outside world. Now it is believed that there are only 250,000 natives living in the rainforest making up 215 ethnic groups and speaking 170 different kinds of languages. Getting to know all of the different tribes and the languages that they speak is a nearly impossible task for any one person. The Amazon Rainforest facts in regards to these numbers are kind of depressing seeing as there used to be around 6 – 9 million natives living in the area only 500 years ago.


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