There’s so much more to remembering going back to school then just scrapbooking a picture of the first day of school.  Why not create a few page layouts that document the feelings and memories of the back-to-school season?  Get your camera and your scrapbooking supplies ready, and try these school scrapbooking ideas.

Shopping for New School Clothes

School Scrapbooking Ideas

This is a ritual of the new school year.  We all take our children shopping for new clothes to start the school season.  This year, take your camera along for the trip, and not only will you capture some fun pictures of your children shopping, but you’ll record the current fashions trends of that year.  Be sure to include the good, the bad and the ugly of this year’s fashions.   Even if you have a less than enthusiastic shopper, it’s a back-to-school tradition that should be part of any school scrapbook.

School Registration

School Scrapbooking Ideas

Another familiar back to school event is waiting in line for your child’s class schedule and new textbooks. Take some photographs of your child’s first impressions of the new school year if he is young or this is a new school for him.  Older children may not welcome photos during school registration, but you can still scrapbook their class assignment schedule after they no longer need it, or a picture of the stack of textbooks may make a nice addition to a school page layout. Registration is also a great time to snap a photo of the school building for a school scrapbooking album.

Hopes for the New School Year

School Scrapbooking Ideas

Ask your kids to write what they expect to learn in the coming new school year. Ask them how they see themselves at the end of the year, and what they are most looking forward to at this grade level.  Maybe they are looking forward to learning how to read or long division or maybe just making new friends. You can scrapbook these thoughts in a page layout.  It’s even more personal if you use each child’s own handwriting.

The First Day of School

School Scrapbooking Ideas

So much is going on during the morning of the first day of school.  When you take a photograph of your children in their new clothes with new backpacks, pick the same place each year to take the photo.  You will get a better perspective of how they have changed in height if you pick the same location with the same background.



Leaving on the School Bus

School Scrapbooking Ideas

If your kids take a school bus, a nice moment to document is leaving on the bus on the first day of class. Take one photo of your children entering the bus, and then try to take one of them waving from the windows.

Reuniting with Friends

Reuniting with old school buddies is part of the fun of the back to school season.Take pictures of these moments in front of the school or at the school bus stop.  Remember to be sensitive to older children who many not want photos taken during this time.

The back-to-school season is full of traditions and rituals.  You’ll definitely want to document them in a school scrapbook album.  Whether you choose to create one scrapbook that includes all of your children or an album for each child, these tips will give you lots of ideas to fill up those pages.


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