The use of learning in a team in the field of Guitar learning is a relatively new method. Team Method Guitar of teaching uses the coordinated knowledge of a number of faculty members to teach a wide selection of specialized topics, in order to achieve the common goal of equipping the student with complete all-round knowledge about the subject under focus. Team teaching is also motivating for the instructors and persuading to teach very well, when compared to their age group. Ultimately, the trainee gets the most benefit by learning the finest concepts and most current information about the subject matter that is presented to him in a way that it can be easily grasped. By utilizing a variety of different teaching styles and techniques, the team of instructors is teaching the student how to go through a certain topic systematically. Lately, the team teaching concept was applied to the area of guitar learning by Ben Edwards who is a successful guitar teacher and a skilled guitarist himself with many years of exposure.

The application of this idea by him known as Team Method Guitar emerged to be one of the most successful guitar training programs in existence in the market to date. The amazing Learn and Master Guitar course and Team Method Guitar are hands-down the best. Within the duration of the training, each teacher can utilize his individual unique styles and expertise to guide the students in guitar playing. By means of good set-up , Ben Edwards perfectly coordinated the whole thing that each teacher knows ahead of time as to what he ought to teach and as to what topics he ought to cover. This is very valuable in avoiding over shadowing. Moreover, topics are allotted to teachers in a manner appropriate to their individual area of expertise and level of technical knowledge in guitar playing.

The following could be yours when you purchase Team Method Guitar: two manuals (one for beginners and one for intermediate level learners), two professionally produced DVD’s (which reveal the sensible fields of guitar playing techniques, like the close up shots of the left and right hand movements and positioning, strumming techniques, etc), two audio Jam along CD’s (that allow you to play the guitar lead along with an actual rock band), a mini course called “Learning to Play by Ear” (which could facilitate in ear training and in developing a musical ear), a book and a DVD called “Chord Reference Kit” (that teaches you the contrasting chords and chord progressions in small songs, free guitar licks and riffs). Singing Success can also help with this. An exclusive book, a DVD, and a Jam-along CD intended specifically for advanced level players are included in the purchase.

Furthermore, you will also receive a mini course meant entirely for acoustic guitar players, with five video lessons, numerous jam tracks and many useful tips and interesting guitar tricks. When you purchase this package, you will also get four special software programs fitted on both PCs and Macs. An enthusiatic way to transcribe music in your mind and sharpen your musical ear is possible in a game called ‘GuitEarIt’. To improve your skills in music reading, you can play a game known as ‘JaydeMusica Pro’. A software known as ‘Guitar Tuner Pro’ will be an advantage in tuning your instrument properly while the Team Method Guitar Learning Metronome would be useful in developing your rhythm, tempo and timing would be yours. The software known as Audacity will permit you to record your solos, guitar licks, riffs and small songs in order to edit them.


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