Funny Family Quotes For You

This article collected some funny family quotes to bring a smile on your face , I hope you enjoy these quotes and share with your families, friends and other’s.

Remember as far as everyone knows we are a nice, cute, normal family.

funny family quotes

Sometimes in the interest of normalcy and safety it is always vital to keep family issues within the family. The embarrassing details of family history and daily habits are never good fodder for conversations outside the confines and safety of blood relations.

When I shook my family tree a lot of nuts fell off and do you know that one person in the family everyone likes to avoid? No you don’t? Then most likely it’s you!

funny family quotes

Families are beautiful, they are the place from which we get love and understanding, friendships and unconditional acceptance, and even then families have issues. We all have uncles or a nephew we would rather avoid. Yet, even among these crazy family friends there is always one who carries the day. He sets new standards in defining crazy, but he is still one of our own.

My family is very temperamental. One half has temper the other half is mental.  

funny family quotes

Everyone has some degree of drama and uniqueness that they bring to the family. Our relationships would be less exciting if everyone didn’t strive to make themselves known. It is okay to let our weakness and drama as well as our joys and strengths to enrich the family story. Everyone’s dark side ought to be embraced, that is why it is called family.

The doctor asked me if anyone in my family suffered from insanity. I replied, no we all seem to enjoy it.

funny family quotes

Let people just be. Sometimes we all want everyone to fit a certain mold, to act in a certain way and to talk in a certain manner. Truth is we all have different ways of going about life. It is okay to celebrate even the less than impressive facts about our loved ones. Some parents want to live their unfulfilled dreams through their children.


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