TOP 15 Hobbies for Women

I think it’s only natural that all of us have a hobby of some shape or form. Something that can keep boredom away, broaden our horizons, and inspire our creativity. For some of us one hobby might not even be enough, some of us have two, three, or many hobbies to fill our days and bring variety and fun into our lives. For some of us we love the solitary time that hobbies such as reading or swimming provide but for others one of the benefits to having a regular hobby is getting regular social time. In my opinions, hobbies are what keep us sane. I mean, how boring would life be if it was just work, eat, sleep, watch a little TV…You get the picture! So for those of you that haven’t yet discovered your ideal hobby I’ve compiled this list of thirty-five of what I consider to be the best hobbies out there. Hopefully they’ll inspire you, entertain you, and fill your days with a little excitement.

1. Writing


Okay, okay, I admit it – I’ve started off with one of my own hobbies. For me, writing is more than just a job; it’s a way of life, it’s something fun that brings out my creativity and brings joy to my life. As well as being my job, writing is also my hobby.

Writing is a great hobby for countless reasons. Whether you enjoy writing novels, short stories, flash fiction, articles, or anything else, writing brings out the passion inside of you. It sets your imagination to work and your mind comes alive with what if questions. It’s amazing how easily writing can pass the time and there are few feelings better than getting lost in a world of your creation. I strongly advise that everyone tries writing at some point. Be it a full blown novel or just a page you write, the sense of freedom you get is wonderful.

2. Reading


You caught me! It seems hobby number two is another of my personal passion but again it’s something I think everyone should try. I’ve got no doubt that there’s a book of some shape or form out there for everyone no matter what you’re interests are. Personally, I can’t recommend a good fiction book enough. There are few feelings better than leaving behind your dull, everyday life and stepping into the pages of a book and instantly becoming a film star, a gangster, or a heroine. Your imagination has an amazing way of bringing every word to life so it’s as though the dragons flying above you are real, the conversations you hear really happened – everything just comes alive and for a little while at least you live a life less ordinary and become someone entirely new

3. Squash


Me and my fiancee love to play squash once or twice a week. We find it to be a great way to spend some quality time together while getting a good workout too. When we first started it was a game we knew little to nothing about but after just five minutes in our local squash court we were hooked. It doesn’t matter how bad you are at returning the ball seeing as the enclosed court means the ball isn’t going anywhere. You can just take your time to get better and enjoy the idle chatter with your squash partner while you do. I’m going to be honest with you – me and my fiancee still don’t actually know the rules to squash. We just turn up and hit the ball and still have a fantastic time. My point is, don’t be put off by squash if you’re not competitive or hate sports.


4. Horse Riding


Of course horse riding had to be on the list. It’s something most women try at some point or another (be it when they’re a tiny tot or as an adult) but it’s something that’s much loved by people around the world. The allure is easy to see too. For some, horse riding is a great hobby because you get to spend some quality time with your four legged friend, others love the sense of freedom it gives them, some enjoy the showing side of it, while others simply love trotting along through the beautiful countryside and enjoying nature. In addition to all this, horse riding is also a great way to keep fit!

5. Art


I’ll put it out there now that I’m not much of an artist at all. I can sketch a few lines and splash a bit of colour on the page but, all in all, I’m no Picasso. The thing is, I still love art. There’s something magical about bringing life to a blank canvas. Art as a hobby holds so many possibilities too – you can work with pencils, oil paint, water paint, pastels, charcoal, or something even more creative. You can paint on paper, on a canvas, on a rock, wherever you please. I think art is about finding your niche and figuring out what works for you. Plus, as I said before, it’s one of those hobbies where you don’t have to be a master or even skilled to enjoy it.


6. Cooking


Despite what you may think, cooking isn’t just something that has to be done if you want to eat. Cooking is a great hobby, one which allows you to show off in front of people, enjoy some solitary time or time with friends, one which can bring people together for the end results, and one which is just downright enjoyable. I’ve always loved baking cakes and the likes but it wasn’t until I moved out that I discovered the true joys behind cooking. I cook because I want to – if I didn’t I’d just grab a pizza out the freezer – and I get incredibly joy out of creating the perfect quiche, a mouthwatering casserole, homemade marshmallows, and much more. I love listening to music, an audio book, or cooking with a friend while I work too.


7. Singing


No doubt we all love singing along to the radio in the car and we’re all suddenly transformed into Beyonce in the shower, and why not? No matter how good or bad we are it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and it’s a great way to unwind. That said, why not take your passion one step further and take singing lessons or join a band to further your talent?


8. Join a Band


Speaking of joining a band…Even if you can’t sing that doesn’t mean you can’t join a band. Perhaps you can play the guitar, the drums, or any other musical instrument. If there’s not a band near you looking for members, you could always create your own band. Simply get together a few of your talented friends and you’re set!


9. Running


Running is a great hobby because not only does it keep you fit it also helps to clear your mind and relaxes you. Running is an amazing way for you to get some fresh air, see some nature, keep your body healthy, get amazing looking legs, and relieve yourself of any stress or worries. You’d be amazed by all the benefits it has! It doesn’t have to be done in silence either – when I run I love to listen to music to keep me motivated and sometimes it’s great to run with a friend too. If you’ve got a dog, you can even take them along.


10. Swimming


While we’re on the subject of sport hobbies, swimming is fantastic. It’s great for getting in shape, improving your flexibility, and toning up. I swim twice a week, once with friends and once by myself. Going with friends is great because it’s relaxing and we can have a catch up while we swim. Going alone on the other hand gives me loads of time to think and really centre myself. Swimming is incredibly peaceful but is also loads of fun too. No doubt your local pool will have lots of different swimming sessions, some of which will be adult only, ladies only, aqua fit, etc, so why not take a look and see which one suits you best?


11. Scrapbooking


Scrapbooking may sound outdated but it’s still incredibly fun and is an awesome hobby. It’s not all about pretty pictures either, it can be about anything you want. I know someone who has a scrap book for almost anything – places she wants to visit, her relationship with her boyfriend, her friendships, music she likes, literally everything! Scrapbooking is about taking things you’re passionate about and immortalising them. It can be anything you want it to be too seeing as you can choose the topics, the materials, whether or not you have quotes – make it as personal as you dare. I’ve known some people even use scrap books as a journal or diary of sorts too.


14. Jewellery Making


Many of us just take walking into a shop and buying necklaces or earrings for granted but it’s becoming ever more popular to make your own jewellery. Many bead shops are now holding classes to teach people how to make their own jewellery and you can buy all the materials cheaply online too. Some people are even turning this unique hobby into a job by selling their creations so this hobby can even prive profitable for you.

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12. Wine Tasting


Wine tasting is a great hobby, especially if you do it with friends. Learning how to appreciate a good quality wine is amazing fun and helps you develop a new talent too. Many wine shops, hotels, etc offer classes or taster sessions where you can learn to art and many even do monthly meetings.


13. Track Driving


So tell me, who said track driving was just for men? Ladies, please forget that nation immediately! Track driving is for men and women alike and is incredibly fun! You get the thill of driving incredibly fast, the adrenalin rush from the danger, and all in all a fantastic day. Many places now offer track driving experience days but you can also join clubs to do it regularly too. Don’t be put of by the stereotype side of it and don’t knock what you haven’t tried. It’s more than likely that you’ll surprise yourself and absolutely love it! I did, I just wish the nearest track to me wasn’t two hours away!


14. Pole Dancing


Believe it or not, pole dancing isn’t all about sexy poses and wearing hardly any clothes. Despite what people may think, it’s a sport! Pole dancing is much like gymnastics in my opinion, it’s all about the moves and positions and doesn’t have to put you on show if you don’t want to. You can find pole dancing classes in just about any town or city now, all of them closed so it’s just you and your class mates, no spectators. Of course, if you want you can opt to enter competitions or ‘show’ your new found talent where you please but it’s not obligatory. I’ve tried it and would take the sport back up again if there was a class near me and I highly recommend every woman tries it at some point.

15. Knitting


And who said knitting was just for grannies? That’s an awful stereotype, especially since chunky knitted clothes are at the height of fashion right now. Knitting takes a lot of skill but once you master it you can make most anything you please. My mum knitted the most beautiful throw for her bed which is much nicer than anything she could have bought and my granny was always knitting gorgeous baby clothes, showing the hobby is practical as well as fun. It’s a great way to pass some time productively and you get a great sense of accomplishment once you’ve finished something.



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